Broad appeal, mainstream, general public.

Have you been following the Twitter account @artsadminssay? Aside from being hilarious, it’s quite thought provoking. The truisms cut so close to the bone that you end up questioning how often you just nod and go along with such nonsense in your own workplace. I had a great example recently when talking about audiences that I think the owners of that account would appreciate.

Frost, Ashley Australian Gothic, oil on linen, 70x70cm, 2018
Ashley Frost, 2018, Australian Gothic, oil on linen

At some point or another you are bound to have a project or communications objective that relates to popularising your Thing (event, organisation, music, etc). There will be discussions around reaching or developing new audiences, appealing to the ‘everyman’, creating or raising awareness in the general community, and so on and so forth.

Rarely does anyone who asks for this truly comprehend what it means.

It means Alan Jones. It means Women’s Day. It means Star Wars 14 or Thor. It means The Block and reality TV shows. It means AFL. It means people over 65 yo and under 16yo.

Your Thing won’t appeal to ALL. No matter how important, relevant, or pertinent. And if you’re going to try and reach the general public, even in a small location, then you’d best be comfortable with Harvey Normal level ad spends and creative because that’s what works.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t try to reach new audiences, or expand your appeal. Both are great ideas, but there’s easier, more economical ways then cold calling the general public.



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