Strategy, tactics, implementation, measurement, online, offline, above the line, below the line…I’m a bit of a generalist when it comes to marketing services.

Pop Philosophies

so what and who cares

These two questions, and more polite variations of them, are the most frequent things you will hear from me. Clarity around the purpose and impact of what you are doing, and who will be interested in it, drives all good communications strategies. This basic truth is the foundation of my marketing services.

create buzz

People want to know what you are doing and why. Even if you think it’s obvious, or not very interesting, others will be curious. I can get the right information to them, in the right way, at the right time, so that they will notice it, talk about it, and share it.


When you google your own organisation, do you come up on the first page of search results? What about if you take your brand name out and just search for your products in your geographic area? What about if search for your sector? Having good on and off page SEO is fundamental to being found online. It’s also time consuming, finicky and requires a special way of communicating real life events and products in the online context. I can help you to ensure your keywords are golden, your backlinks are working, your meta data is complete and your competitor knowledge is A-grade.

ad spend wisely

I can help to make sure you get the most out of your spend, whatever your budget, whatever the platform. Smart ad buying decisions are based on good strategy and being clear on expected results, monitoring performance and adjusting as things unfold.