Automate – Take The Easy Way Out

Automation. It’s not scary, it’s not technical. It can save you HOURS. One of the only ways I know to manage the workload of three people when I am only one, lets be honest most people in the arts do this every day, is to pre-make, pre-schedule and automate everything I possibly can. Here’s one simple example of content automation, but there are many many others.

Write down 12 topics relevant to you, your organisation, your work. Write two paragraphs on each. Write what you know, what you don’t know, what you would like to see happen in your field. It’s ok to have an opinion.

Ta Da! That A WHOLE YEAR’S worth of newsletters or blogs or social media content.

Now use a rainy day when you’re stuck or sick of invoicing, and put them into your social media platform, your blog pages, your enews platform. Schedule them, or if you can’t, save them as drafts and set a reminder in your calendar to publish.

Keep an eye out for automation opportunities. Most publishing and communications platforms will have the capability to some extent. Think about key customer moments that could trigger an automated message: abandoned ticket purchase or cart, completed ticket purchase, downloading something from your website, lapsed subscriptions, when entering your venue, the list is as long as you can imagine. Take the time to set your response as an automation and you will be able to repeat it for every customer or client.

And start now. You don’t have to wait for a new year, a  new brand or any other opportunity to set up automated communications. Now is great.