Donations – An Unobtrusive Ask

How many email accounts do you have? How many emails a day do you send? How many different email signatures do you attach to each? That’s hundreds of moments in which someone at the other end is interested in what you are saying. Maybe they’re interested enough to want to say thanks. Turn a quick thank you into a donation for your nominated cause by including a call to action and a donation link at the bottom of your signature.

One of the best I’ve seen is from agency guru Adam Ferrier. His email signature looks something like this:

Adam Ferrier | Global Chief Strategy Officer
[logo and company addresses]
EA: Jane Doe +61 400 000 000
Say Thanks:

That ‘thnx’ link directs people to donate towards his nominated charity, The Father Bob Foundation. As a person in a not-for-profit – Imagine if you could get everyone on your board, in your team or on your subscriber list to add you to their email signature! As a person in a for profit – think of the good you can do, the kudos you can garner and the influence you can exert by overtly supporting a charity in this way. I think the key to this tactic’s success is the balance between doing the bit that so many people find difficult – actually asking for money – in a way that is unobtrusive. Somehow it is passive yet motivating.