Online Conversions – Count Your Clicks

Maybe you always forget your Google password, or you don’t really know what a bounce rate means. Maybe you throw $50 behind a post boost just to help get a few more people to click through and buy a ticket. Maybe you don’t even really know what social media or CTRs are, you’re just online because it’s the done thing.

Even if you’re the opposite, a UX guru who’s well versed in GTM and multiple coding languages, it still helps to remember the basics. And the most basic measure when it comes to getting your online sales strategy right is to ensure the distance from a) offer/ announcement to b) ticket sold, is as short as possible.

Count your clicks.

Whether it’s an email newsletter, a social media post or a paid advertisement, count the clicks from the message you’re putting out, to the desired end result. The fewer, the better. Each click is equal to more interested people dropping out of the purchase process.